What Are the Documents Required for Purchase of Property?

What Are the Documents Required for Purchase of Property?

Quintessentially, purchasing a property is bound by numerous legalities in India. Buying a house or plot involves a lot of financial and emotional investment for you as a buyer hence how much ever tedious the acquiring and verification of the legal documents one must remember that they enforce rightful and safe ownership and ensure peaceful life afterward. In this blog, we have discussed some of the crucial legal documents required for the purchase of property in India.

Mother Deed

A mother deed is one of the must-check documents required for land purchase as it traces back to the first-ever ownership of the property, revealing the subsequent transfers and transactions in a timeline. Also called a parent document, the Mother Deed records further transfers in a sequence during the purchases substantiating new ownerships. Any irregularity in the sequence of transfers must be evaluated in the legal process for buying a house and any missing details warrants verification of records in the registrar office.

Sale Deed

A sale deed is one of the mandatory legal documents required for the purchase of property and a proof for the sale and transfer of property ownership. The sale deed must pass only after the verification of the property title. The buyer should check property tax invoices and water and electricity bills and cross-verify the terms and conditions in the sale agreement and documents required for land purchase before signing a sale deed.

Khata Certificate or Extract

Khata certificate, also known as Patta/Chitta/Adangal is one of the essential legal documents required for plot purchase, as it is issued when a property is assessed and has passed all the approvals and clearances by the local municipal authorities. It is registered in the name of the primary owner, who pays tax for the property and has information like property size, number, demarcations, location, built-up area, etc.

Khata documents are required for buying property, getting loans, trade/building licenses, building plan approvals for water and electricity connections, and paying property tax.

Power of Attorney (PoA)

Power of Attorney or PoA is required as the legal documents are for plot purchase and play a significant role in giving legal authority to a person to act on behalf of the owner. It authorizes the person to sell the property in place of the original owner.

PoA is the documentation of the transfer of rights over the property, and these required documents as per the ownership for buying property come in two types, Special Power of Attorney (SPA) or a General Power of Attorney (GPA).

Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance certificate is a crucial document for the purchase of a property, which ensures the plot or land is free of any monetary issues and legal liabilities like pending taxes, payments, loans, etc. The property owner secures the EC from the registrar's office after getting the clearance from the authorities, so the buyer must thoroughly check the required details in the EC documents for land purchase and is free of any charges.

No-Objection Certificate (NOC)

During the purchase of residential plots in Chennai, the seller provides a copy of the NOC for water and electricity and other types of NOCs acquired from various statutory bodies during several stages of building to prevent issues and delays in construction. When you buy property from a reliable builder, they give you a copy of these NOCs acquired from several departments like the pollution control board, electricity board, Municipal Corporation, etc., which are the legal documents required for the purchase of property in India.

Property Tax, Water Tax, and Electricity Bill

Property tax, water tax, and electricity bill receipts act as a document that provides proof of ownership. The buyer needs to check the title transfer is updated in the tax records to avoid liabilities.

Letter of Allotment

An allotment letter is a contract between the buyer and builder and one of the vital documents required for property buying and applying for home loans. Once you book the property, you can get the Allotment Letter from the builder. The document required for land purchase consists of building terms and conditions, amenities included, project timeline, and payment made by the buyer so that the bank issues loans to finance the rest of the amount for the buyer to buy the property.

DTCP Approved Plot for Sale in Manali

The builder obtains approval from the DTCP of the State before starting the project. The buyer requires layout approval from the DTCP after buying a plot in Chennai to pursue a loan. The layout approvals are updated online on the DTCP website, or visit the State-run DTCP office to know the approval status.

End Note

Once you decide to buy a plot in Chennai, there are several attractive options, but to safeguard yourself from getting entangled in legal problems, examining the documents required for the purchase of property is the primary goal parallel to purchasing a property, and is scrutinized. While all the registered legal documents checked other legal documents are add-ons for mandatory approvals, which are acquired, verified, drawn, as the project goal widens into building a house in the plot you purchase.