Types of Land Use in Chennai

Types of Land Use in Chennai

In recent years, investing in land in Chennai has emerged as a lucrative prospect for many. The city's rapid urbanization, coupled with a growing population and increased economic activities, has significantly boosted the real estate market. Chennai's strategic location as a major economic and cultural hub is another reason for its appeal in the eyes of buyers. However, as with any large investment, investing in land is a big step that requires a reasonable amount of consideration. Factors such as the location of the land, prices, and appreciation value need to be kept in mind to ensure a sound real estate investment. Before diving into land investment, it's also crucial to understand the various types of land and their designated uses.

Importance Of Land Zones in Chennai

Further, the demand for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in Chennai has driven land prices upwards, necessitating the need to set out clear rules and regulations on land usage. The Department of Country and Town Planning in Chennai has segregated land into different types of zones on the basis of how that land will be used. There are currently 5 major types of land zones based on their different usages and each zone of land is governed by specific regulations to ensure sustainable development and to regulate the property markets. Since each land zone has a specific use and potential returns, it is important for investors to understand the permissible uses and limits of all the categories.

Different Types of Land Use in Chennai

On the basis of their use, there are 5 types of land zones in Chennai that one can invest in: -

  • Commercial Land Use

  • Land for commercial use is one of the most sought-after land types to invest in. Commercial land is a zone of land on which commercial properties are built and utilized by businessmen and industries. With a major growth in the commercial sector, Chennai has many commercial plots located within and on the outskirts of the city. For example, the plots in Redhills fall under prime commercial and residential land zones in Chennai.

  • Residential Land Use

  • The primary use of residential land is to fulfil one’s housing needs or to rent the property out for personal use. Residential lands and plots are mostly located within cities and in their most developed areas. The sudden growth in population in Chennai has ushered the growth of many residential areas, which are conveniently located near schools, colleges, shopping centres and hospitals. The land for sale in Pallavaram is located in a prime residential land zone, making it a highly popular real estate investment.

  • Industrial Land Use

  • Industrial land is put into use for setting up various industries such as manufacturing units and workshops. Usually, industries that deal with materials that are toxic and hazardous to human health are not allowed to be set up in such zones. These zones also have a mix of commercial and residential land use as a certain number of restaurants and hotels can be set up here along with residential units for the staff working in the industries.

  • Institutional Land Use

  • As the title suggests, the main use of institutional land is for setting up educational institutions such as schools, colleges and other learning centres. These areas are also used for setting up libraries, reading rooms, cafes as well as hostels and housing for students, teachers and staff of the various educational institutes in the area. With many prestigious educational institutions springing up in Chennai, there are ample opportunities for investors looking to invest in the city’s educational land use zone.

  • Agricultural Land Use

  • With India being an agricultural nation, land used for agricultural purposes is the most popular type of land to invest in. This type of land is found in abundance all over the country and usually lies on the outskirts of urban cities. There are also some stringent rules and permits that need to be acquired before one can buy agricultural land. Therefore, thorough research is required.

    Chennai, with its rapid urban development, growing population and ample career opportunities, has become a hotspot for real estate investment. The designated land zones according to their uses make it all the more easy for potential buyers to explore their investment options and align their investment according to their financial situation and goals.

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