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(7kms from Mangadu to Ashok Thirumazhisai)

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With the real estate market of Chennai showing significant growth in recent years, a number of prime localities of the city have become hotspots for real estate, with investors as well as developers showing a lot of interest in the upcoming opportunities. Ashok Nandavanam, a well-known real estate developer in Chennai, offers homebuyers the chance to invest in lucrative plots for sale near Mangadu. The land for sale is available in a range of plot sizes and offer easy access to a thriving infrastructure, which ensures the availability of all basic facilities and amenities that you may need to enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Apart from the affordable land price near Mangadu, the residential plots in come with a number of benefits, like seamless connectivity, proximity to banks and financial institutions, entertainment, educational facilities, medical institutions, and much more. Labelled as a mid-segment locality with a number of upcoming projects earmarked for the near future, investing in land for sale near Mangadu can prove to be a good investment decision.

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Mangadu Plots and Lands Connectivity

Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant
5 kms
4 kms
Sri Motel Highway
4 kms
Chennai Public School
2 kms
Panimalar Engineering College
2 kms
St.Johns International School
10 kms
Sastha Engineering College
5 kms
SJS Hospital                
5.5 kms
EVP Theme Park
5 kms
Thirumazhisai Temple
2.48 kms
Nazeruthpettai Mosque
5 kms
City Union Bank      
2.5 kms
HDFC Bank                
2.5 kms
2.5 kms

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the nearby connectivity options from Mangadu?

The residential land in Mangadu offers excellent connectivity by road and rail while having the advantage of being located near esteemed educational institutions such as Sastha Engineering College and Panimalar Engineering College, providing convenient access to many such quality educational institutions. The location also boasts easy commuting options with seamless connectivity to major IT hubs along the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), including Perungudi, Tharamani, and Thoraipakkam, making it an attractive choice for professionals working in the IT sector. Moreover, famous schools, restaurants, and entertainment hubs in the vicinity raise the investment value.

Are there any residential plots near Mangadu available from builders?

Yes, with a remarkable collection of 730 residential plots in Mangadu, our exclusive plots for sale in Mangadu is a lucrative opportunity for builders seeking to buy land in this area. These plots have clear titles and comprehensive documentation, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction process. Mangadu boasts a thriving social and civic infrastructure, making it a promising locality for development and investment. The presence of lush greenery, natural environs, and clean air adds to the overall quality of life, creating a serene living environment. The area has witnessed numerous significant developments, making our plot for sale in Mangadu more appealing for the builders and realtors.

Are there any residential plots for sale near Mangadu?

Yes, there is residential land for sale in Mangadu if you are looking to build your dream home or invest a lumpsum amount in plots in one of the phenomenally developed areas in Chennai for lucrative returns. The region offers opportunities for individuals and builders looking to invest in land. With its strategic location and growing development, Mangadu presents a favorable prospect for those seeking residential plots. These plots provide the flexibility to build homes according to individual preferences and requirements. So, if you are looking for a plot investment exploring the available land for sale in Mangadu can be a promising opportunity.

Are the plots near Mangadu registered under RERA?

Yes, the plots in Mangadu are registered under RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). RERA ensures transparency and protects the interests of property buyers by regulating real estate transactions. When you purchase a plot in Mangadu, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is registered under RERA, which provides legal validity and safeguards your investment. This registration ensures that the project follows the necessary guidelines and regulations set by the authority, ensuring a secure and reliable transaction for buyers. So, you can confidently explore the plots in Mangadu, knowing that they are registered under RERA.

Why should I buy property near Mangadu?

Buying property in Mangadu offers numerous advantages making it an appealing choice if you are searching for land to invest in. Firstly, its strategic location provides easy access to key areas and landmarks within the city, ensuring convenience in daily life. The region has witnessed significant infrastructure development with well-planned roads, water supply, electricity, and drainage systems in place. Offering a myriad of social and civic amenities in a serene region of green environment, it caters to the diverse needs of the plot buyers. A promising locality experiencing rapid growth, buying a property in Mangadu is a profitable investment.